27. Reproduction: Cats Protection

Cats Protection works hard to promote neutering at four months rather than six months (earlier neutering) to the public and the veterinary profession to ensure cats are neutered before their first season.

Cats Protection adoption centres and branches will see many thousands of kittens during ‘kitten season’ (April – October) and often all year round.

A pen environment can be a difficult place for a kitten to grow up. Their socialisation period (two to eight weeks of age) is spent in an unusual environment and if they grow to think this is normal, they can be fearful of a home environment. This programme ensures that kittens are able to adapt once they go to their new homes by exposing them to many common household experiences.

Did you know

map logoDid you know that Cats Protection has an early neutering register, listing vets that will neuter cats that are younger than six months of age?

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Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK. Find out more on the Cats Protection website.