26. Reproduction: domestic cat

Cats can become sexually active from four months of age and therefore Cats Protection recommends neutering at four months of age to prevent unwanted litters.

Queens do not need to have one litter before they are neutered although this is a commonly held belief.

Kittens need positive exposure to a range of domestic scents, sights and sounds to help them cope well in later life.

Did you know

Did you know that there is a kitten season? Female cats are triggered to show oestrus behaviour as days lengthen, and kittens are usually born between the months of April to October.


With veterinary care and better nutrition, kitten mortality is much lower than in the wild.

Image author - Cats Protection/Barnstaple and District Branch , licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Map view of the Early Neutering Register Ensure your cat is neutered to prevent unwanted litters. On the Cats Protection website you can find an early neutering Vet near you.

Image preview of the Cats Protection Blog Read more on the Cats Protection Blog where Gemma Lovegrove explains why early neutering is so important to cats' health and wellbeing...

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