24. Water: Cats Protection

It can be difficult to place food and water in separate sites in a pen environment, but even a small space between them may make a difference.

Water and food bowls are always placed away from the litter tray.

In a pen environment, there is no option to drink from a natural water source but this does allow water intake to be monitored.

An increase or decrease in thirst or hunger may indicate a health problem and should be investigated.

Depending on resources available, it may be worth experimenting with different bowls as cats may have different preferences. Some bowls may taint the taste of the water.

Cat drinking at Cats Protection Centre

Cats generally prefer a water source with a reflective surface and a wide rim so that their whiskers are not touching the side of the bowl.

Image author - Cats Protection/St Helens Adoption Centre, licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0