Take a break and review

You’re doing so well that it’s time to take another break! Let’s reflect on some of the key points that make cats so fascinating. In the last three sections we looked at how cats prefer to avoid stress and conflict, where they prefer to sleep and their toileting habits.

Just to recap some of the main concepts so far:

  • There are three ways to help cats feel safe and help them to cope with stressful situations:
    • Provide escape routes
    • Provide cats with places to hide
    • Provide elevated perches to allow the cat to get up high
  • Cats like to sleep somewhere high up to feel safe and often rotate their sleeping places
  • Cats are very hygienic and prefer to toilet away from their food and water.
  • The golden rule in the home environment is one litter tray per cat plus one extra
Two cats having a cuddle These cats belonged to a member of the Learning and Development Team; whilst Viera (the black cat) got on with Cooper (the ginger cat) sometimes she looked as if she could do with a break! A cat who needs a break, she is being cuddled by a smaller cat and doesn't look like she is enjoying it too much Image author - Cats Protection/L&D Team , licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Fun things to try while you are on your break:

1) Where is your cat sleeping now? Is this a different place to where they were sleeping a while ago? Check your cat has plenty of different places to sleep so they have a choice.

2) Does your cat have a litter tray? Where is it positioned? Does it look like a private, quiet place? Think like a cat and make sure your cat has some private facilities.