Take a final break and review

You are almost at the end now, but it’s time to take a break before you finish.

Just to recap some of the main concepts so far:

  • Cats like to drink at an alternative location to sites of eating and toileting
  • Cats can become sexually active from just four months of age! This is why Cats Protection recommends neutering cats at four months of age to prevent unwanted litters
  • Cats that are shedding infectious organisms don’t always show symptoms of the disease. These are called asymptomatic carriers
A cat taking a rest on a computer desk Image author - Cats Protection/L&D Team , licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Fun things to try while you are on your break:

1) Try moving the cat's water bowl away from the food bowl if they are next to each other and keep an eye on your cat's drinking habits. Does your cat start to drink more now that the bowls are apart?

2) Quickly check your cat's vaccinations are up to date. If you can't find the vaccination card, give your vets a quick ring.