9. Hunters: Cats Protection

Understanding cats needs in Cats Protection, giving them the opportunity to exhibit hunting behaviour

Initially hunting or play behaviour will not be high on a newly admitted cat's list of priorities; instead most will want to hide until they feel the new environment is safe and predictable. Different cats will adapt at different rates so cats do need to be given the chance to exhibit hunting behaviour once they have settled in.

Cat playing in an adoption centre

Short games for a few minutes frequently throughout the day are best to mimic the cat's natural hunting activity.

Image author - Cats Protection/VET Team, licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Cat playing in an adoption centre

In the shelter environment toys need to be easy to disinfect or disposable.

Image author - Cats Protection/Martin Dewhurst , licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This video (no sound) shows a cat benefiting from using a puzzle or treat ball.

Toys that move and treat balls can help to manage the frustration associated with being in a pen.

Get involved

APlaying cat cartoon great way to help cats in care is to make toys and feeding enrichment puzzles. These make fun school projects to get children involved too!

Cats for kids website The Cats Protection Cats for kids website has creative make and do activities that you can download including cat toys.