12. Communication: Cats Protection

Cats entering CP care are entering a whole new environment without their own scents around them. This can be very disorientating and stressful for them.

Cleaning and disinfecting protocols are essential for disease control, but they remove scent. The double bed system allows a bed with familiar scent on to always be left in a pen.

A pen at the Nactional Cat Centre

A Cats Protection pen ready for a new occupant

Image author - Cats Protection/VET Team, licence - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Watch the video to get an introduction to the importance of scent for cats in care.

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Did you know

What we can do to help

Asking owners to bring in an item from their home with their scent on with them can help to reassure cats as they come into care.

In a similar way, a new owner could bring in items from their home prior to rehoming.